The Holy Grail for Tank Loot - Gz fellas!

Everyone from every class has that special item we consider the ultimate "must have". More important then having it, is the sense of achievement that fill's us with pride each time we wield that unique piece of loot. Its a statement of our work and determination towards the high-end content conquering as a unit.

In my personal perspective, a Warrior tank daydreams about these two items:

Wall of Terror - The best stats combined with one of the most intimidating design ever, remembering people that the shield on a Warrior hands is no longer a simple Barrier but also a great Weapon!

and my personal favourite...

Last Laugh - Im out of words... this is simply the most stunning and impressive tank weapon EVER. Especially for a Orc Warrior that always have a special thing for Axe's. The name...the design...the stats... its simply impressive.

I'm lucky enough to be part of one of the best and most solid Guild's in Runetotem: Droods.
Every guild is only as strong and good as it's members and in the tank department we are rich with skillfull people composed by Warriors, Druids, Paladins and Death Knights.
This is the part where i use my blog to honor these people in wich im lucky as hell to join them every night ravaging the raid's Northrend has to offer.

Congratulations Rogg! I bow to you and may the Last Laugh be always your's in combat!!

Congratulations Bale! I salute you my friend and hope your Wall of Terror will always be ready to block us out of danger!

Feel free to visit our webforum, and if you think you have what it takes to be a Drood, apply to this great guild.

Tank&Stab - Go Deep on your DPS while Tanking

As many tanks should know these days, one of the best form to translate your actions into fast and solid TPS (Threat per Second) is by deploying a nice ammount of damage onto your target. If it works for the slackers that wont take the time to check they're threat meter and make your life more difficult, why not use it in our own favour?
Recently i began studying the Talent Tree once again, trying to find a way to boost my damage output without endangering my avoidance base stats (talent-dependant). The words DEEP WOUNDS kept jumping into my eyes stabing me like little needles. I've came up with this pretty solid Protection Spec with Deep Wounds, that boosted my dps with a plus 600 unbuffed and almost 900 with raid buffs. My TPS has never been faster.

Some pointers to maximize your damage output while tanking or even on pve quests without having to change gear:

Revenge - I've seen a lot of tanks leaving the talent Improved Revenge behind saying something like "I dont need more stuns". If you look closely 2 points on Improved Revenge will boost your damage output on that ability in 20%. That's a LOT. Especially when Revenge has a threat tool is fundamental and there is no tank in the world that doesnt deploy it immediatly when available. If the target get's stunned by it... even better! Who will complain???

Now link this to the fact that with the Sword and Board talent, everytime you deal damage with Revenge you automaticly have 30% chance to refresh the cooldown on your Shield Slam....wich is your NUMBER 1 THREAT TOOL on your action bar with a fantastic damage output.

Now link that to the fact that if you happen to have Gag Order talent points spent, if you deploy a Shield Bashin the quick second before Shield Slam you wil have a 5 or 10% increase damage on it. Since TBC Shield Bash was abandoned has a massive threat tool and these days its only used as a caster silence ability. With the right rotation on your ability cycle you will be able to revive it. And i do loooooove to Bash!

With this Protection Spec with Deep Wounds, DEEP WOUNDS will always be present on your target dealing 48% of your weapon average damage. Do the math... with high crit chance on your main abilities as a tank, DEEP WOUNDS will be a constant presence boosting your damage and by relation enhancing your threat per second.

Give it a try and lemme know how it worked out!