Clarification about Avoidance

Avoidance is such a mouthfull! Everyone's worried about the avoidance stat shooting questions all over the place like "What is the avoidance number i should reach to tank this or that?". Yet, before worrying about that, people should ask the right question, wich is: "How do i calculate my avoidance numbers?". I say this because i clearly been seeing some confusion about that special equation. It's my intention to bring some clarification about that math procedure.

First of all: "What is AVOIDANCE?"

Avoidance is the tank ability to avoid damage from incoming atacks. Do not confuse avoidance with mitigation wich its base calculation includes all forms of damage absorbing. Avoidance relys 100% to the fact you avoid geting hit at all! Dodge and Parry are the only base stats that can allow you such achievement.

On a quick side-topic, all proper tanks should have installed a "must-have" addon if you want to be anything worth in this business, Tankpoints. It's your guide and pal since early levels to forever and ever. Tankpoints will guide you in the right direction in case of any doubt toward a item switching or gem aplication. Use it, breath it, sleep with it.
" TankPoints can be seen as how much damage you can take before damage reduction, it considers your max health, armor, defense, dodge, parry, block, block value, resilience, crushing blow chance, miss, crit reduction, talants, buffs, stance/forms, and more. " - Needless to say anything else. Download it and use it like it was your right arm.

Let's say your not looking at your computer screen, drinking a nice beer with a couple of friends and someone asks your avoidance. Or even someone asks you how he/she calculates his avoidance. It's pretty simple and i'll use myself has a example.

# Defense: 552
# Dodge: 22.67%
# Parry: 20%
# Block: 22.18%

Add Dodge, Parry and Chance to be Missed together. If you hover over your defense stat you will get the Chance to be Missed number and to that, add 5% wich is the base miss rate from all NPC's.

ex: 22.67% + 20% + 6,08% (My chance to be missed) + 5% = 53,75% Avoidance

Hope this comes handy.