Nadva laid an egg!

Nadva, over The Spirit Beast Within, posted today a very nice "How to deal with Hunter's Traps for Dummies". I know that probably wont be fresh knowledge for many tanks out there, but there is nothing bad in reviewing the facts. Check it out here.

Exotic my Schmotic!!! Get that beast out of my face!!

Dont get me wrong. I for one loved the fact that blizzard gave hunter's the oportunity to tame "exotic" creatures and beasts throughout the Beastmaster talent point. Seemed highly logical hence they're speciality. And watching a hunter with gigantic raptor or corehound beside him is nothing short then impressive. All is good, life is great and everyone was happy.

The first day i went to a instance with a BM hunter with the new talent tree and pet i couldnt have stressed more. In real life i spent the entire time in Berserk mode because of that pet!!! The very first victim of my rage was the so popular Core Hound.

OMG! Everytime he moved i felt like i had a Fel Reaver stalking me! It's steps sure sounded like one and the worst of it all, the screen couldnt stop shaking and trembling for every step he took. Engaging a multiple mob group meant everytime one was killed the hound would step back towards his master and back in to another mob atack. The results : Bum bum bum ...catchabum doublebum roar roar roard bum bum triplebum, making my ears bleed with that outrageous sound and my eyes cry from all that shaking.
Ohh...and by the way, if you are a really good hunter and the pet matters and it's really but really important for you to have a bloody Core Hound, be brave and get it like a man/woman: Get you ass in Molten Core and tame a Ancient Core Hound.

"Dude...you are always welcome to join me in a party or raid but leave that stinking beast at home!!!" Zee big bad orc has spoken.

But the worse was yet to come...

On another run the even more popular gigantic sized raptor from Un'Goro Crater: The Devilsaur. Although not so much noisy and without the shaking screen, the bloody lizzard filled my screen in combat. And im not even going to coment the proposterous size when it enrages. As a tank forget the mouse for a click distribution in a multi-mob combat. You can only click on one single thing....THAT STINKING BEAST. TAB key FTW.

But the one that really drove me off a cliff was the Sapphire Hive Queen. Besides it's oversize the fact that is a flying pet just made it worse. Always floating over my head and making that BzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz anoying sound. I had to ask the hunter to keep himself very much away from me when i was preparing the marks on the mobs. The only thing i had on my screen was that ugly ass wasp overing my head, blocking all my sight.

Im sure it wont take long for a hunter to be able to tame this little boy if this keep going...

Like i said in the very beginning...dont get me wrong, im happy for you guys. Really. But, to tank anything with those creatures running around, makes our job even more difficult!! Just go out and hunt for the Loque'nahak!! Now ...that's a PET!



I know the big bad-ass terror of all Northrend is Loken from Halls of Lightning. Its the boss that single-handed has killed more people in the past month. In Normal mode and in Heroic. But there is one wich stands has the victim of my pure and utmost hate: Slad'ran in Gundrak. Why?..

1st) I fucking hate snakes.
2nd) Wipe fest on 1st boss of a instance tends to be a turn down
3rd)Stand's in the way of the only epic-gloves for tanking found in a heroic instance
4th) One of the coolest named special in-instance achievement comes from killing this boss. And i so much wanted that achievement just for it! (Im also a movie geek)
Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?...amazing reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones opens up a tomb discovering why the ground is "moving". Kudos blizz!

Ok i know what many of you will say. There's always the rep gloves from Kirin Tor or with enough Emblems of Valor you get the T7 gloves. All true, neverthelesse in the process of geting those there is nothing wrong in just trying to get the best of the game while in that work process.

I managed to wipe 10 times on this boss the past week with all sorts of different groups. At some point someone read that there was a "trick" (wich is a political correct name for EXPLOIT) to deal with the boss.
There is a pool of water right before the main hall where Slad'ran is. The trick was to keep ranged dps swiming in the water and fighting from there, while the tank would keep the boss at the entrance along with melee. That way when Slad'ran summons all those nasty adds (all sorts of snakes) that poisons everyone to the bone, the snakes would never reach the healer and the ranged dps. Aparently...snakes can't swim.
And so we tried it that way. One or two times. Just to notice that all of the sudden, blizz found out, that snakes SHOULD be able to swim. And now they do...

The better way to nuke that slippery bastard:
1) Leave all DPS and Melee at the top of the ramps close to the instance entrance.
2) Go down to the main room with your healer but leave him at middle journey
3) At Heroic Throw range pull the boss
4) Run Forest ...RUN! ... up the ramps you go and your healer on you back in case you need a quick heal. Be ready to deploy a taunt just in case.
5) Stop at the top of the ramp by the entrance and tank him there. DPS should be spread out and healer should move to your back.

Snakes still come but takes them longer to reach the party and have more ground to cover if everyone is spread out. Besides they can only get top ramp passing through you and there's nothing like a good Thunder Clap to keep them close to you and let some AOE dps do the job.
Doing it this way we not also droped the boss as we got the special named achievement and i couldn't be prouder!!!

Btw... as usual...the gloves didnt drop! Unlucky tank carries on...


Noob Treatment

Since the release of WOLTK many things suffered a general reset. Stats, gear and the worse for me is the reset on the recognition that you actually know what you are doing. Experience isnt just a funny looking bar in the UI that grows everytime you kill a mob or deliver a quest. Experience its all about what you've been doing so far with yourself. And i mean Azeroth and Outlands age. With the exception of stupid nerds that buy accounts with a full grown toon with some respectable gear, people dont just land at level 70 or 80. It took time and a lot of work. Its to be expected from someone, lets say....me, that you can actually know something or two about the job you represent and have been representing since forever: The Tanking Job.

Ever since i reached 80, and for the record i never left the Protection build even in leveling, from time to time i get someone in a party that goes like: "Whats your defense?" "Is that your unbuffed Hp?" "Hows your gear?". What the hell?? If you know so much about what i should have why dont you go tank them yourself?

The toughest jobs in this game are as follows:

...expecting more? There is no more!!!

Nobody wants to tank because its too much responsabilty and a lot of hard work. You cant make that kick ass dps while in pve questing and requires a lot of effort and dedication to aquire the right gear. Not to mention the bloody repair bills that are always through the roof. Nobody wants it but everyone needs one. And instead of being content by the fact that a certain someone found a tank do ride into Utgarde Pinnacle for that special item you need, you go shooting all sorts of stupid ass questions about his job and worst of all, his inteligence about the class and job he or she represents. It's unrespectfull and its diminishing. Especially if you've been doing this since the hard days and main-tanked almost every instance and raid out there.

Healers and Tanks already have to put up with the blame factor for everything. Was a wipe? Tank didnt aggro enough, healer slacking, tank is undergeared, healer doesnt have enough mp5, etc etc etc. We do have to put up with this EVERYDAY constantly. And on top of that get a noob treatment?? Hell to that!!!

This post is a reminder to all dps'ers out there....Respect the player worship the bloody tank!

And do remember another thing: we are living a wow age where the player counts so much more then the class. Skills. And DPS is being called to responsability, to step up into a higher ground of responsability while raiding or simply running heroic instances. Dont slack and be the best you can be. Tanks and healer's cant save the day everyday.