The Return of the Tank

Greetings fellow warrior's

Though i've been absent for the last couple of months due to some wild activitys in my professional life, i've been slowly returning to the tank leads ready to ravage some new content and achieve some new tactics about tanking.
Theres a lot of stuff going on at the moment and the hype about the new Cataclysm is gonna bring a big load of rumours not also about the game itself but also about the class mechanics. Im sure we're pretty safe since the Warrior Class is pretty well established and has given proofs of how bloody hell good it works in the Lich King expansion. What can i say? We rule! 'Nuff said...

So keep posted 'cause ill be bringing a lot of discussion to our plate on the ongoing effort to establish this great class as in ... THE BEST TANKING CLASS. (PERIOD)

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